Editing terrain editing

Today I started hooking up properly moddable terrain editing tools.  This will both allow me to develop terrain editing capabilities more quickly (and with less code!) and also allow end users who are interested to do so, to create their own terrain editing abilities, including adding additional options to the toolbars.

What I’ve done is set up terrain tools to be able to reach image files, and use those images to determine how they affect the terrain when applied.  50% grey means no change, lighter colours go up, darker ones go down.  By changing the ramping or the shape, you can get terrain editing to automatically make different types of terrain shapes.  In the screenshot here, I have made a much steeper hill than is normally easy to create, just by using a tighter gradient than normal (gradient image shown on the right).

I’ve also exposed a lot more internal variables to be modified via simple text data files.  Tomorrow, I’ll be filling this out a bit further;  adding steep chasms, craters, and similar shapes.