Newer ground clutter

So I’ve finally settled on a new ground clutter appearance.  I’m really digging this.  It’s subtle, but just lends a bit of texture when you’re down low near the ground, but is soft enough that it completely vanishes once you’re only a little bit up into the air (which means that I can stop drawing it then).

I also noticed that the “Old” screenshot of ground clutter that I posted yesterday was the wrong one;  it actually showed the newer clutter models, just using a different sort of colour.  I’ve now updated the first screenshot in that “Ground Clutter” post to actually show what ground clutter looked like before.  Pretty dire, eh?

Now I’m trying to decide what to do with the mid-level clutter, which is the larger streaky stuff visible in the screenshot.  In my codebase, it’s called “edge clutter”, since it’s generated along polygon edges.  It looks pretty good from the air, but starts looking odd when viewed from down here.  Maybe I fade it out as you get down next to the ground, or something like that.

Plenty of stuff still to think about, I guess!