Goal for the day

Things done today:

  • Player control basically finalised.  Feeling pretty good about it.
  • First pass at world generation.
  • Lots of improvements to VectorStorm’s Box2D integration.
  • Discovered that the game idea I’ve been pursuing this week has been done before.  Not changing it, though.
  • Played a couple games of StarCraft 2.  Should really learn to not do this, especially when I’m trying to rapidly prototype a game;  it only winds me up and makes me too tense to code.

Best bug of the day:

My first revision of the world generation algorithm worked basically correctly, except that for some reason, the world geometry hadn’t been correctly flagged as static, and so immediately fell off the screen, obeying simple gravity.   Oops!

My goal for the remainder of today is to reach a “first playable” point where the game is playable from start to end.  That’ll leave tomorrow for visuals, sound, and polish.