VectorStorm library update

For the first time since getting my new job, I’ve finally sat down and written a little code on my home projects.  It’s not too much, but it felt pretty good to write it.

I’ve fixed the VectorStorm engine bug which was causing problems with the middle mouse button and right mouse buttons (often swapping the two, or causing them not to work at all).  It was an embarrassing mistake;  I had just mis-assigned labels for the controls, causing some minor swapping when loading saved control preferences.  I’ve made this bug fix both within MMORPG Tycoon 2 (where it was a major problem), and within the trunk VectorStorm library (where it was less of a problem, since no standard VectorStorm games were using mouse control).  If any of you have been looking at or using the VectorStorm library, you should go get those fixes.  If not, don’t worry about it too much, just be aware that I’m back to the compiler again.  :)

I’ve also begun poking with Tycoon code again.  Not a whole lot;  am just slowly easing myself back into it.