What I’m up to

As a general life update:

I’ve been offered and accepted a job back in the professional gaming industry, this time primarily working on mobile games. I’m not going to give out specifics, but I think it’s a good move for me at the moment;  it’s with a successful company that’s run by and employs a lot of friends of mine, so it should be a lot of fun.  :)

Here’s what this means for VectorStorm:

First, it means that VectorStorm (and my games) are going to go back to being hobby projects done in my spare time, outside of critical periods at work.  iPhone/iPad things are right out, just because I don’t want to compete at all with my employer. PC/Mac things will remain as small, free games, for the same reason.  And honestly, I’d be surprised if I spent much time on them at all, especially for the first few months while I find my feet at the new place.

The employment contract I signed will allow me to continue to do VGKnowHow episodes, but I’m going to wait and get explicit permission in writing before I actually release another one. I don’t imagine that it’ll be a problem, because the stuff that I do there isn’t related to technology or anything proprietary, but it’s always best to give the employer the opportunity to object. More news on this as I get it myself!

Anyhow, my first day is at the start of next week.  Wish me luck!  :D