What’s going on

So here’s what’s going on.

The video studio where I do the VGKnowHow series is closed for the first part of the year.  I’d initially hoped that I could put together a video on my own, just as a screencast, but it turns out that my computer just isn’t powerful enough to do that at a high resolution and good frame rate.  (And I’d never have been happy with the sound quality of using my own microphone, anyway)  Next two videos are about cameras, covering theory and practice, both in 2D and 3D (2D in the first video, 3D in the second).  So I’ve been producing little testbed apps for showing the various options.  It’s been kind of neat, building these ultra-simple prototype cameras.  Those will eventually show up in the public VectorStorm repository sometime before the videos are shot, if folks are interested in seeing the various options and implementations.

Anyhow, I’ve been preparing VGKnowHow shows for shooting once the studio opens back up again;  I’ll probably do three or four of them in a single day, when I can get booked into the studio again;  that should be a little later on this month.  Should get me back onto my intended “one per week” schedule.

In other news..  I had a few fillings in my teeth, today.  Very minor ones, they tell me.  But still, drilling and etc. were involved.  So yikes.  Day was basically taken up by running errands, and being wryly amused by numb lips.

Back to real coding tomorrow, honest!  I really want to finish up the proof of concept for Spratt 2, so I can make the “go” or “no-go” call on whether it’s going to work as a game any better than the original Nicholas Spratt game did.