Site housekeeping

Just a few quick notices:

  • I think I’ve re-fixed integration between the blog and the forums;  should no longer require re-logging in when you switch from one to the other.
  • I’ve deleted a rather staggering number of accounts which had never posted anything to either the blog or the forums.  (About 4000 of them;  we had been accumulating them at a rate of around 8 per day for the last year or so, due to the unsecured “register” link over on the forum side).  If I’ve made a mistake and accidentally deleted your account, please let me know (and re-create it!)

I have a forum installed for the VGKnowHow series as well, but that’s not properly locked down yet, so I’m still not quite ready to post a link to it.  But it’ll be going live sometime before the next (ie: first) video, which will be sometime in the middle of next week.  Possibly on the Tuesday.  Eventually I’ll settle into a routine schedule for these things, but I’m not quite well enough prepared yet.