Today I set up Multitouch gestures for iPhone/iPad.

Again, this photo is using exactly the same graphics as the past few days, just now you can use multitouch gestures to zoom and rotate the interface.  (Most of my time went into the zooming.  Surprisingly difficult to get the maths right for that, in this case.)

It feels.. surprisingly natural.  I didn’t think it’d feel this good to move an object around on the screen this way.  There’s probably a bestselling game just in that interaction, if you could figure out a way to wrap a game around it (and if somebody else hasn’t already done it.  I’m sure someone has).  I’m not sure exactly what game you could wrap around this interaction, but it does feel really, really nice.

Right now, VectorStorm supports only two simultaneous touch events.  But now that I have two working, it’d be really easy to add up to about ten.  But in this case, I only need two for the pinch/zoom interface.  So I’ll probably make do with what’s in there now.

Tomorrow, I may take a stab at sound support.  Or more likely, I’ll spend time on the game code itself, again.