Update on life

So here’s what’s going on:  my employer is apparently going into receivership.  Today was my last day.  I’ve been given a redundancy package, which basically covers me for the next month.  However, my accrued leave isn’t being paid out — this comes to about four months worth of paychecks that I won’t be receiving.  It’s possible that a particular local government program might pay me that, since the company is unable to do so.  Need to file a lot of paperwork to find out.  (And for the record, I still really like my old employer, in spite of all this.)

With all that said, I am starting up with a new company sometime in the next day or two, so it’s not all gloom and doom.

The common wisdom is that until someone actually commits to your salary, you don’t have a job.  So from that point of view, I don’t actually have a job right now.  But hopefully we’ll iron out that detail within the next few days.  Knock on wood.

Being spectacularly unproductive with home development, amidst everything that’s going on.  Hopefully paying work will settle down again really soon, and I’ll be able to focus again.