Here I am, standing on top of one of the posts of the fence around a graveyard, targeting and attacking a helpless monster that an AI developer is in the process of placing into the world.  (I obviously still haven’t added range limitations to these attacks)

I’ve been trying a few different general GUI approaches, and am kind of partial toward this one, where an exhausted power is drawn with a red outline, while ready ones are in blue.  As the power charges up, the power button turns blue again.  (While the power is unavailable, the text should probably also turn dark grey, or something like that)

I’ve tried a few others, but they all came across as really garish.  In any case, I’m mostly trying to find reasonable colour balances;  these graphics aren’t at all final;  just basic stand-ins representing approximate shapes and colours.

Anyhow, this week is looking like another “light development” week for me, with paying work taking up most of my time.  Maybe not as bad as last week, but I’d be surprised if I managed to squeeze in more than an hour or so per night for the next little while.  But I’ll do my best to post updates when I have them.