Creepy Tree

Here’s a screenshot of the very first tree generated by my new tree generation code.  Clearly, there are a bunch of issues to solve.

For one thing, many of the branches are being rendered inside-out.  For another, all the branches are being spawned on one side of the tree, even though I intended for them to grow evenly on all sides (if you look down from above, the branches are all growing within a 45 degree arc on one side of the tree).  For yet another thing, the branches aren’t starting from quite the right places — they seem to be just floating in midair, vaguely near the parent branch that they’re connected to.

And of course, I’ve also not yet put in foliage.

But it’s so creepy-looking that I just had to post a screenshot.  The final tree generation code needs to be able to generate trees in this sort of style.  It just should be able to produce more normal trees, too.  :)

EDIT: Here’s a version where I’ve now corrected the inside-out branches, but am still using the same basic tree shape: