Left Bar

So it’s taken me an awful long time, but I’ve finally got it hooked up.  Creating buildings is now accomplished by using a side action bar, and is completely data-driven.  What’s more, the whole thing now works together with the “grab anything and drag it around” functionality.  Plus, I’ve now got the ability to put 2D images into the buttons, instead of text labels.  (In this screenshot, I’m still using the old line art from v1.1, which don’t quite fit into the buttons.  That’s just temporary, though!  I’m thinking about icons, for the future.)

Anyhow.  This new UI system should allow me to create new interfaces an awful lot faster than the old code-intensive approach.  Which is good, since in a lot of ways, the UI stuff is the least exciting thing in the game.  But I still have to build the interfaces in order to do the exciting stuff.

Oh.  Plus, it makes the UI moddable.  In case anybody cares about that.  ;)