Spent time today on quest visualisation and editing.  Still not done, but there’s been some visible progress.

First, I’ve now got a generic way to put UI components inside a frame (currently being used by the quest text display in the middle of the screen).  This obviously needs some new controls added, and there’s some weird bug with the text which is causing the first line to be a dark blue instead of white, but it’s getting there.

The part that took a surprisingly amount of time is the arrow pointing from the quest giver to the quest destination.  In part, it’s similar to the “cursor” system that’s used for the player and for drawing the AI developers, but it needs to support much larger arrows, and more extreme curvature of the shape.  I’m not convinced that the “black arrow with glowing outline” look is right for this sort of thing, but at least it gives us a visual display of where a particular quest is targetted.

Next up:  setting the target of a quest, and moving that quest data display over to the left side of the screen, instead of smack in the middle.  Also, some way to close the quest data display again, once it’s been shown.  Probably just deselecting the quest giver should hide the display again.  (Currently, once you start editing quests, you can never close that display again)