Bits and pieces

It’s kind of neat, when you realise that your systems are generic enough that you don’t actually have to write much code to get interesting effects.

Previously, the “selected building” effect I was using was just to draw a simple wireframe box around it.  But there were bugs which caused the box not to z-buffer correctly (that is, the box showed through the building).  But I realised that with my procedural geometry, I’d already built all the tools I needed to draw glowing lines around the procedural shapes themselves;  I’d written it for drawing region outlines that I was showing off months back.

Really, this probably also wants to have lines along the sharp corners, but that’s a little harder to work out;  my procedural geometry is being worked out on a per-vertex basis, not a per-edge basis.  Maybe I ought to switch to per-edge.  That’d also let me cast shadows from these objects, which would be pretty cool.

But I’m not doing that until milestone 2!  :)