The return of region boundaries

So today I managed to do some extensive cleanups of the terrain generation algorithms.  (Specifically of the “painting terrain” algorithms which are used on the back-end of the terrain object placement tools)

My vague impression is that it seems to be slightly slower now than it was before, but I haven’t actually tested it.  It wouldn’t surprise me if this was the case.  Regardless, it’s still miles faster than what I was using a month ago, and still uses a totally reasonable amount of RAM (now back down to 98 megabytes, down from a high of about 600 megabytes, last month).

Also today, I’ve got region boundaries affecting the terrain again.  Previously, region boundaries were created in the terrain by explicitly lifting the terrain into a sharp peak when it was near a region boundary.  Here, it’s now drawing a brush stroke of mountains along the region borders, which gives a much more natural mountain range, which I like a lot more than the sharp ridge line we had before.

My last task on terrain (for this milestone) is to make the radius on terrain-affecting buildings be editable by the user.  I’ll probably cheat and just put buttons for increasing/decreasing the radius into the context menu, though that’d be totally unacceptable in the final game.  But it should be good enough for this milestone.

After that, the new crop of buildings, and then player AI and the new combat model, and then the milestone will be done.