SubRegionsApologies for the darkness of this image;  you’ll probably need to view it full-size to see it.  Or just look at the previous screenshot I posted;  this one is basically identical to the last one, except that this time it’s real (whereas last time was just a mock-up)

In this shot you can see parts of four MMORPG regions.  As you can see, each region has been divided up into “subregions”.  Each region has (on average) about 150 subregions, each of which averages about 100 meters across (which means that each would take about 20 seconds to run through).  I’ve also (just incidentally) improved the generation of regions and subregions, so that while they’re still interesting shapes, they’re of a somewhat more uniform size;  no more absurdly massive regions or tiny regions that can barely even contain their border walls.  :)

I’ve also spent some time on the polygon clipping code, which is used for (amongst other things) constraining the subregion polygons inside the region polygons.  I think I’ve improved it, but I’ll still occasionally get impossible results, so I’ll probably have to dig in and debug it some more, sooner or later.