More and Less

In an effort to make the early game of MMORPG Tycoon 2 easier, I’ve recently been modifying a few of the older design elements.  For example, in versions 1 and 1.1, the player had five character classes and ten monster types which he could specify and balance.  In 2.0, since these now have far deeper configuration options and I don’t want to overwhelm new players, I am giving both more and less:  in a freshly begun MMO, you have only one class and two monster types available.  However, further classes and monster types can be purchased via the MMORPG Tech Tree, and there is no longer any maximum limit to the number you can create.  (Having more will make balancing more difficult, but will reap better rewards if you do manage to balance them all reasonably well)

So far, I’ve made this change for the character classes;  I’m expecting to make the same change for monster types tomorrow.  And once that’s finished, I’ll be moving on to the new version 2.0 MMORPG combat engine, which simulates combats using the player-specified class abilities, instead of only using the abstract “attack” and “defense” statistics from version 1.0/1.1.