Regions moved over to the new map system

MapHolesApologies;  I promise that there’ll actually be some colour in tomorrow’s development screenshot!

So today I’ve done a few more bits and pieces.  First, I fixed the weird clipping bug in the northwest corner of the map which I mentioned yesterday (it was just float imprecision.  Gotta love it!).  Second, I moved the generation of MMORPG regions over to this new Voronoi-diagram-based system.  While the map above looks basically like the one from yesterday’s screenshot, it’s actually now regions drawing their borders, whereas yesterday the screenshot was just of a Voronoi diagram.

Actually making the regions have these new, more complicated borders has raised a few interesting little hiccups, though;  first, since I’m removing any infinitely-large Voronoi cells which are generated, there are now some areas within the world map which aren’t part of any region (I’m pointing at one such place in this screenshot).   These are pretty common in the corners of the map, but you’ll occasionally see them along the sides as well.  I haven’t  yet decided whether or not this is something I care about.  Honestly, the outermost regions are always full of water anyway, and aren’t really ever going to be a playable area…  so if there are a few missing regions out near the world border, it probably doesn’t matter at all.  But it does mean that I’ll have to make sure that my code doesn’t mind being unable to find a region belonging to a particular point on the map.  And while it feels like I ought to be able to just clip those infinitely-large Voronoi cells against the square map area to make them finite, it’s trickier than it first appears, because the infinite cells aren’t closed polygon shapes;  they extend out infinitely, and my current clipping algorithm doesn’t like that.  I’m probably just going to leave these little missing spots as-is;   too much effort to fix for too little benefit.

I’ve also been working on the transition from “on ground” to this higher-up vantage point.  It’s not quite right yet, but it’s slowly getting there.  I’m imagining that one of the buttons on the GraveShip will bring you up to the full MMORPG map, which will be depicted in wireframe, with solid-coloured regions to depict level ranges, and iconic representations of what’s in each region (much like how it was drawn in previous versions of MMORPG Tycoon).  Goal is for the transition from fully-3D ground-based view to this vectorish global map to be completely seamless.  Hoping to have it finished sometime tomorrow.