Today’s new stuff

I kind of hinted at this in an earlier post today, but I wanted to include this specifically, here.

Today, I created a master “ScriptEngine” system, for coordinating the new text-command-based messages being sent by the buttons in the context button matrix and the action bar.  (I imagine that I’ll eventually retrofit the buttons in the other game toolbars to use this same system as well).  I also wired the UI screens into this system, so that they can now be shown and hidden via text commands from buttons.

It’s worth noting that the “ScriptEngine” system isn’t a full-blown scripting system like Lua;  that feels like it’d be overkill for what I need right now.  Rather, it’s a very simple command-based scripting system, where a button can simply send a single command when clicked.  (Although now that I’ve typed that, it’s starting to seem like maybe it’d be a good idea to allow multiple commands per button click)

I also made some big improvements to the lexer in the file reading system, and am now using the file reading classes as part of this new ScriptEngine system.  I’m quite pleased with how this is all coming together.

And finally, I’ve also been working on a few other bits of MMORPG Tycoon 2.  But I’m not quite ready to reveal those other bits yet.  So just suffice to say that there’s more being prepared in the wings than I’ve presented so far.  :)