The Banhammer

PushTheButtonI always felt bad that there was no way to wield the infamous Banhammer in my MMORPG Tycoon games.  Well, no more;  MMORPG Tycoon 2 will be the first one to proudly support people’s desires to wantonly ban subscribers with or without cause.  (It will also be the first to allow you to buff or nerf classes, but I’m not quite ready to talk about how that’ll work, yet… though those who tested version 1.1 might well be able to guess.)

Today I got the context matrix system set up and working, although only a few of the context actions have actually been implemented so far.  I’m actually quite pleased with how it’s working out;  I’m glad to finally get the “Remove building” and “Move building” options out of the Building toolbox;  they really didn’t ever belong in there.

Also today, I finally fixed the crash bug which would occur if you removed a building which hadn’t yet been activated, or if you still had a building selected at the time when a developer came by to demolish an activated building.  That bug’s been in the game for about four or five weeks, now; finally got annoyed enough to track it down and fix it today.  The only other annoying frequent crash still remaining (that I’m aware of) is if you bring the MMORPG online when there are no starting areas placed.

Also also today, inside the VectorStorm library, I’ve modified the vsHashTable class to not crash on construction if you tried to make a hash table of strings.  I also created a “vsHashTableStore” class, which is exactly like the vsHashTable, except that it stores pointers to objects, and will delete those objects when the hash table is destroyed.

Tomorrow, graveship control.  Honest and for reals this time!  :)