GraveShip, Parte Deux

GraveShipWell, I didn’t end up getting player-controlled GraveShip flight in today after all (been trying to work out a nice interface for switching between “walking around on top of the GraveShip” and “Flying the GraveShip”, which kind of links in to the overall UI that’ll be visible in the game.  The one which has been in all the screenshots so far is still the old one from MMORPG Tycoon 1.1.

But while I’m working on designing that UI behaviour, I got something else implemented and working today:  the first bit of the procedural geometry generation code, which will eventually be used to generate the models for buildings, roads, and most other placeable objects in the world.  Here, this first pass of the code has generated an interesting shape for the GraveShip.  It’s difficult to tell in a still screenshot without a shadow (guess I’ll have to implement shadows eventually), but the GraveShip seen here is hovering about a meter above the ground;  you have to jump to get up onto it.  Once I’ve taken this procedural geometry generation a little bit further and am making real buildings using it, I’ll be plonking a small graveyard on top of this floating platform.  But that’s probably still a little ways off.