Roads video

Sorry for the long delay on this!  It took me about six tries to manage to upload the video;  it always stalled out at around 82% uploaded.  Eventually I had to copy the file to a different computer, and do the upload from there.  Regardless, here’s the long-promised video.

In the video, you’ll occasionally notice a single frame graphical glitch when I’m placing a road.  I’ve just fixed that bug, and while testing the fix I had a little MMORPG running where one of the quests — by random chance — had placed a large cluster of quest monsters immediately around the graveyard.  The net result was that any time one of the subscribers died, he immediately respawned in the graveyard and was subsequently pounced on by about five or ten monsters, usually far above his level.  So he’d die and respawn in the graveyard over and over again, until he got so annoyed that he’d unsubscribe.

I’m going to have to make the procedural generation of quest locations a little bit smarter, I suspect, in order to avoid that problem in the future!