Procedural geometry

SweepThis isn’t nearly as pretty as the swept hook thing that I posted about a while back, but I’m far more proud of this one, because it was much harder to get right, and has far more potential for the future.  The swept shape that I’ve shown before was a single 2D shape swept through space.  The model pictured here is far more complex;  at its bottom it’s a square prism.  This blends into a smaller square, then into a gear shape in the middle, which then blends into a small circle, which blends into a larger circle, as it rises up into the sky.

This isn’t actually a model that I’d ever use for anything real, of course, but it’s a nice testbed to make sure that I can take different types of shapes and fit them all together into a single, seamless object.

There are still a few little bugs to sort out (not pictured here) (edit:  now fixed!), but I’m generally pleased with how this runtime-generated-geometry is coming together!