Region Borders

RegionBoundaryYou’ll all remember the zones from MMORPG Tycoon 1.0;  you set level ranges on them, to specify the monster levels to be found within them.  In 2.0, these areas of your MMORPG world are called “Regions”, and will have editable boundaries and configurable graphics settings.  There will be impassable boundaries between all regions (once finished, these impassable boundaries will usually be mountain ranges.  But here, I’m just using fifty-meter-high plateaux), so your subscribers will only be able to travel from one region into another via paths or roads that you create.  Here, we’re looking at a corner between four different regions.  For the sake of interest, each of these four regions encloses approximately 1.7 square kilometers of space, and there are just over 200 regions in the full MMORPG world.  Though about half of those are ocean, by default.

Now that I finally have these regions working properly (though unattractively) within the streaming world system, I’m ready to start placing buildings, walls, and roads within the world, as well as other terrain-changing features.