The Antepenultimate Lighting Post

I really do like to use $5 vocabulary words, sometimes.

Anyhow, this is just a quick note that I’ve got lights into VectorStorm.  There might be a few minor API changes to them from here out, but they’re now basically functional.  Currently supported are ambient, directional, and point light sources.. which should be all I ever need, really.  Last major thing required for full proper 3D rendering support is a materials system (currently, all 3D geometry is being drawn with a silly bright specular highlight that makes it look like everything is made of plastic.. look at the screenshot a few posts down to see that in action)  Last big thing to be done is the material system, so that different geometry can be marked as reacting to lights in different ways.  My current plan is to rip out color and texture support from the innards of the renderer, and integrate both of those into a single Material system.  Should simplify the code very nicely, I hope!

Actually, I suspect there’ll only be one more lighting post;  when the material system is finished and working and I have a screenshot and a demo program to show off, which would technically make this the penultimate post.  But I like the word ‘antepenultimate’ more, and it gives me a little extra wiggle room in case I run into problems.

Anyhow.  I’m going to go sleep now.  Am still mildly sick, so I’m going to try to get extra rest.  Chat with you all again in a day or two!