Lord status update – updated

This is just going to be a very quick update.  It’s been by far my longest “Game in a Week” (currently at a duration of 30 days.  Not that I’m keeping count or anything.)

I finally feel like I’m in the home stretch of development.  There’s about six hours remaining in the day, and I very well just might make it.  :)

Notable new stuff in the past few days:  Got the Win32 build working.  Fixed rendering on 3D hardware which doesn’t support VBOs (this’ll generally be 3D hardware that’s more than about five or six years old, or poorly supported laptop video cards… of course, Lord is rather processor-hungry due to its distorting-terrain-rendering system, so it isn’t likely to run very well on really old hardware… but at least it’ll render).  Fixed even yet more core 3D rendering setup problem;  rotation matrix maths and a flipped rendering frustum.

Also, I managed to spend some time fixing a couple of bugs in the Lord gameplay, when I wasn’t ridiculously busy fixing the game engine itself.  :)

So hopefully I’ll have something ready to go in about six hours!  Watch this space.

[update, four hours later] I’m fading early;  not going to make it to midnight tonight.  Lord is close to done, but it still needs some love on the progression between levels, and some general tuning.  But it won’t be too much longer;  I’ve bought myself a DVD I want to watch, and I’m saving it as a reward for finally getting Lord out the door.  So it’ll be soon, depending on how many spare hours I get after work, over the coming days!