An update on bitmap fonts

Just a few quick notes;  I’ve fixed bitmap fonts to word wrap properly in VectorStorm, if a maximum width is passed into the CreateString() or CreateStringInDisplayList() functions.

Additionally, I’ve fixed the autogeneration of bitmap fonts from TrueType fonts such that they’re scaled to the largest glyph actually incorporated into the bitmap font, instead of according to the largest glyph in the TrueType font.  This means that if you draw a font with a size of 20, then the tallest glyph in the font (usually an exclamation point or a capital letter) will draw upward twenty units from the baseline.  Descenders (such as the bottom of a lower-case ‘g’ or ‘y’) are not counted.  So when drawing a string, be sure that you’ve positioned the string such that there’s space for any descenders to extend downward.  (This isn’t an issue for the vsBuiltInFont class, as its glyphs have no descenders)