VectorStorm forums are live!

I’ve added a simple set of forums to the site; logins are shared between this blog and the forum.

Casual comments here on the blog still only require an e-mail address, but you’ll have to actually create an account to post to the forums.  Sorry about that;  it’s a requirement of the forum software I’m using.

Anyhow, I’m closing off comments to the static game pages to keep them from becoming any more ridiculously lengthy, so we can have some proper threaded discussions now, and hopefully make those static pages load a little faster. :)

Check out the new forums.  If you’re having trouble with a VectorStorm game, or want to make comments or suggestions, or just make idle chatter with like-minded individuals, then this is the new place to do it!

EDIT:  Hello from the distant future!  Those forums are no longer live!  Check out our new forum, instead!