MMORPG Tycoon 1.0.11; Options Screen

Just a quick note that I’ve uploaded the final new version in the 1.0 series of MMORPG Tycoon. 1.0.11 adds an “Options” screen which allows you to change the game resolution, enable/disable shaders, modify the music volume, enable/disable the rotating arrow cursor, etc.

I’ve also fixed a bug which occasionally resulted in offline or unsubscribed players appearing on the map, after loading a saved game.

Other little improvements.. I’ve slightly optimised the bloom shader, so it should run a wee bit faster than it did before. There are some improvements to the mouse UI (clicking through the toolbars if you miss a button has been fixed), and the little ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons on most of the report screens have been replaced with up and down arrow icons. Much more attractive that way, I think.

Saved games from 1.0.10 should be fully compatible with the new 1.0.11 build; just copy the SlotOne.sav (etc) files into the new version’s Data/Saves directory.