Another quick update

Just a very quick note that due to a recent spate of hot weather and an extremely busy work schedule, I’ve been feeling pretty run down for the last week, and so didn’t feel up to starting a “Game in a Week” this week, as I’d suggested earlier.

Luckily, things should be slowing down an awful lot over the coming weeks. I’ll either do the “Game in a Week”, or maybe I’ll try to do something faster; maybe the first step in a larger project. Not sure yet. I’ll think about it tomorrow, when I’m more awake. :)

For those watching the svn repo, Box2D 2.0.0 is now integrated with VectorStorm (with my own bugfix to work around a joint deletion issue;  hopefully an official fix for it will be coming soon!)

Projects I’ve been considering:

  • Another Game in a Week
  • A “Game in a Week”-style affair that’s compressed into just four days, to be done over the long Easter weekend.
  • Implementing the “dinner party” game I discussed during the “Game in a Week” where I implemented Thunderstorm;  the little platformer which used the guests at a fancy soirée as the level geometry.
  • I’ve also been thinking about procedurally generated games.  One possibility I’ve been thinking about more and more is a little game concept that I call “Every Shooter”, which generates a new shoot ’em up every time you choose “Play Game”;  it randomly generates enemies, a player, and selects from amongst a large set of individual rules and control schemes to generate a unique shooter game each time you play.  This would be a much larger undertaking;  if I was to start on this, the first week would probably be taken just writing the basic random enemy generation systems..
  • Also on the “procedurally generated games” point, I’ve been playing with the idea of algorithmically generated murder mysteries, which would be set inside randomly generated “worlds” (initially, isolated old mansions, and other “locked room” variants), in which the player would have to interview suspects and work out who was the murderer.  This also would be a much larger undertaking;  a week’s work on this might yield a good “isolated old mansion” generator.  Though I’ve never really done anything like this before, so it may turn out to be much quicker than I expect.