Continued VectorStorm development

So one of the things I realised from Muncher’s Labyrinth is that even though these games are relatively simple, I can still get far too many objects inside the collision system to run at realtime (this is the reason why the blood and other particles in Muncher’s don’t collide against the walls of the maze).

To fix this, I’ve been implementing space partitioning within the collision system, so that only objects near other objects actually perform collision testing.  It’s about 3/4 implemented now, and is already fast enough to allow me to turn on world collisions for the Muncher’s particles.

(TODO:  I need to stop developing features inside Muncher’s;  I need to make a collision-heavy large-world game inside the VectorStorm testbed.. perhaps I’ll bring the Maze class over, and write a quick and dirty space game to take place inside it, or something.)

I also have another graphic feature in the works;  it’s the next step beyond filled triangles, and it should be pretty cool, and very different from anything you’ve seen before, but still a natural progression from real-world vector graphic technology.  :)