Calling a mulligan on #10

Various RL stuff has come up.  Between ill housemate and friends needing emotional support, I’m just not going to get the development time which I’d need to finish something this weekend.  So I’m cancelling this attempt at GiaW #10 — will try it again once things have settled down a bit, again.  Apologies, folks!

More bugs

So today I’ve noticed that I can’t perform any 2D drawing in a 3D scene;  2D objects such as vsSprites just don’t seem to show up at all. Not sure why that is.  My plan for this game had been to basically do it using 2D objects, but in a 3D scene (to allow for…

Yay, wasting time

I just spent two hours trying to figure out why my starfield-with-custom-rendering-code wasn’t rendering unless I put it somewhere which ought to have been behind the camera, and why all the tests for which stars were visible weren’t working correctly. Completely forgot that the camera transform needs to be supplied to the rendering code, for…

Here it is

As I’ve been trying to figure out what game to make for this Game in a Week project, I’ve had a lot of thoughts. I promised myself that I was going to make a smaller game — a game which I could have playable early in the week, instead of programming the basic features right…

It’s not.

I had an idea for Game in a Week #10 today, and smiled about it a lot until I realised that it was basically a re-telling of Bento Smile‘s classic Suicide Is NOT The Answer! So I shan’t be doing that. Real update later tonight.  :)