Gitorious vs. Github vs VectorStorm

I have a small git repository for the new VectorStorm library.   It’s about 12 megabytes in total, including all history (and it’ll be even smaller, once I finish trimming and reset the history).

I’ve just done timing tests from my laptop, here in Australia, sending this repository to freshly created bare repositories at my three big hosting options (timing via the standard unix ‘time’ command line tool):

Github:  58.588 seconds.

Gitorious:  76.964 seconds.

VectorStorm: 54.316 seconds.

This pretty much validates my subjective feeling that Gitorious felt slow to me from here.  (I suspect that these results would be different if measured from elsewhere in the world)

It does surprise me that VectorStorm outperformed Github, but it was only by about 10%;  not a big improvement.  And Github provides a lot of other features, so that’d probably be the most sensible place to put the VectorStorm library.

In terms of actually doing it, I’m still cleaning up the new library structure, particularly the cmake build structure.  But it’s getting pretty close to final now, I think.