VGKnowHow #2: Cameras (part one)

I was hoping that the studio would be available again by now, but since it isn’t, I decided to try my hand at producing my own video using my own gear.  I’m interested in what people think;  is the audio quality okay?  I don’t think it’s as crisp as the proper studio sound, but.. for a home production, perhaps not too bad?

I’d kill for a softbox and a supply of acoustic foam, though.  :)

Show notes and addenda:

  • For those in the professional industry, I should mention that making great game cameras is not a good way to try to get noticed by your boss;  as I said in the episode, people only ever notice bad cameras; good cameras just blend into and improve a game without ever calling attention to themselves.  This means that you can’t impress your boss by creating a great camera, as great cameras are invisible to people playing the game.  If you want to get ahead in the industry, I recommend trying your hand at something more visible, instead (or in addition!).
  • The alternate camera seen in the Asteroids demo is a “Lerp Follow”-type camera, which interpolates both the camera position and the camera’s facing, to attempt to face the same direction as the player.
  • C++ source code for the testbed application seen in this episode is available from my public Subversion repository located here:  Project files are provided for MSDev 2008 and for XCode.
  • If you just want to see the C++ code for the various camera behaviours, you can see them directly within your web browser here: