When it rains, it pours

I’ve just updated the trunk of the VectorStorm subversion repository with all the accumulated library changes from MMORPG Tycoon 2, Spratt 2, and GoGoGo!  So for any of you who are interested in all of that, it’s now live and publicly available.  Subversion repository details are on the Vectorstorm Test Games page.

I’ve also updated the pre-built binaries there (which while the text claimed to be from build ~1000, were actually linking to build 138.  Really, really old!), in case someone missed the old Asteroids game or VectorPhysics.

And as you can guess from the photo, I’ve finally brought the iPhone port into the public repository as well.  Note that to actually make an iPhone build of VectorStorm, you’ll need the usual iPhone developer credentials.

It’s worth mentioning that the testbed games are still all working via “compatibility modes” where the new systems try to act like the old systems, for the most part;  none of them are making proper use of materials, the render queue, VBOs, or any of the other new systems I’ve written to make my games easier to create and faster to run.  At some point I’ll go back through them and refactor their code to make them nicer and faster.  But that hasn’t happened yet.