New this week:

Further UI improvements, working on improving general usability.  I’m trying to expand on the existing features, making them more powerful and easier to use.  This has required a fair amount of “under the hood” work.  Right now, the UI is using both the old and new systems, with the old systems taking priority (that is, the new systems are only in operation when you’re not using the old systems).  Hopefully, over the next few days the old system will be phased out entirely.

Most notable new visible change is that you can now move any object around the MMO world just by clicking on and dragging it.  This includes buildings, PCs, NPCs, and monsters.  (Previously, you could only move buildings, and you had to activate a specific tool button to do it;  now it happens by default when you try to drag an object in the world).

This means that you can (for example) grab any PC and drop him into a field of monsters, or into the middle of a wide lake, or etc.  It also means that you’re no longer completely reliant on the your AI devs to place monsters for you;  you can now manually move monsters around to wherever you want, whenever you want.  If you don’t want to, though, the AI devs will still do it for you automatically.  (TODO:  devs don’t currently like it if you grab a monster out of their grip;  they’ll fight you for control of it.  Need to make the devs gracefully release a monster if you grab it from them)