Quest Givers

Not much development time tonight.  But I did set it up so that you can buy and place quest givers.  And I told the procedural model building code how to make a big yellow exclamation point above the quest giver.

Also today, I noticed that I was frequently getting crashes after placing a few buildings and roads.  I eventually discovered that the problem was the monsters – they were noticing when they were placed too close to a road, and were registering jobs for developers to move them into better positions.  This was old code left over from v1.1, and I was thrilled to see it still working.  Well, mostly working.  They were registering the position they wanted to be moved to in world-space, whereas everything is now running relative to the region it’s currently in, and so they were giving the developers bad positions to move to.  (It’s a bit like telling someone where you are by telling them how far you are from the edges of your map, when you’re looking at world map, and the person you’re talking to is looking at a city map — the positions on the map aren’t going to line up properly!)  Once I fixed that problem, they’re working again.  Place a road, and developers automatically move any nearby monsters away, to keep the roads relatively safe.

Not bad for code that was originally written back when the game was entirely made of 2D vector graphics.