Progress (or a visible lack thereof)

Just a quick note that yes, I’m still alive and kicking.  Been a little distracted by various non-coding things, but have fixed up a few more rendering issues.  Most notable new stuff is that we no longer waste time drawing terrain triangles which would have been drawn beneath the water (since the water surface is opaque), and some optimisations to my VBO implementation, which gives faster rendering overall (substantially faster, on my laptop).

I’ve also gotten a start on GUI stuff for MMORPG Tycoon 2, but that’s still in a very early state.  Hopefully there’ll be new things which can be screenshotted and posted within a few days!

Apart from all that, I’ve also been enjoying Ghostbusters: The Video Game far more than it deserves by any objective game review criteria, been watching re-mastered episodes of classic Star Trek (which aren’t quite as cringe-worthy as I’d expected them to be), and listening to JUMPsplat.