First VectorStorm Lighting Test

lightingtestStill heavily in progress, but we’re on our way!  Proper real 3D lighting in VectorStorm;  calculated on the video card and everything, like a proper 3D game!

Still early days;  in the above shot, the light is hardcoded, as are the parameters of the specular hilight on the red ball.  But other than that, it’s all really working in the API;  the ball is just a regular display list, using the new API calls to specify normals for its vertices..  it’s red because it called SetColor( vsColor::Red );, using the existing API functions..  so it’s  slowly getting there!

I’m thinking about trying to simplify some of the display list rendering code;  putting the smarts into the assembly of the display list, instead of the processing of it.  That low-level code is starting to be a bear to extend, because of how clever it’s trying to be…