On heat and less productivity

Quick note that where I’m at, it reached 45 degrees C (that’s about 113 degrees F) yesterday, and is expected to reach similar temperatures today and tomorrow, and slightly lower over the weekend.  They say that it’s the strongest and longest heat wave recorded here since 1908.  (It’s hot enough that heat expansion was causing the train tracks to buckle, virtually shutting down a lot of public transportation during commute hours)

I’ll just say that these temperatures are so high that they overload my poor little portable aircon unit, which basically means that not only am I not in a productive frame of mind after work, but I’m not even entirely convinced that it’s safe to run my computer in that sort of heat.  So depending on weather, all VectorStorm development is likely to be on hold until the weather cools off  a little bit (early next week, they say).  As always, I’ll post updates as they happen.