So it was only a matter of time until I weakened, and added texture support to VectorStorm.  I’d been thinking about doing it on the sly, and revealing it in a Game in a Week where your character was in search of some impossible artifact which turned out to be a textured object in a vector graphic world..  but that all seemed like too much work.  And I’m going to need some basic texture support for the thing I’m thinking about for the Lovecraft compo over at TigSource, so I finally hooked all the pieces together.

In the screenshot, that’s the standard vector font, and a texture of a screenshot of the “Muncher” sprite (so technically, it’s being double-glowed), and a shot of my own ugly mug, all being affected by the standard glowy vector shaders.

Textures still aren’t going to be the norm in my games (as I’m certainly no artist), and I’m still calling the engine ‘VectorStorm’, but I wanted the ability to use a few textures where they’re needed, so here they are.

I’ve also migrated all the VectorStorm library improvements back from MMORPG Tycoon to the core VectorStorm testbeds repository, so if anyone’s really curious to see the various engine changes, that’s the place to look.