De Blob

Colour is important!  Colour is life!  Don’t be repressed by De Man who wants you to live in a greyscale universe!  Join the resistance and paint your world in all the colours of life!  Want to know more?  Just read our.. um.. instruction manual that’s printed entirely in black and white.

Pay no attention to the typesetter behind the curtain!

So a few friends of mine over at BlueTongue just released their latest game, ‘De Blob’, for the Nintendo Wii.  It’s a game about painting a greyscale world, and it seems to have been received pretty well.  I’ve played it a bit myself (just the first three levels), and I find it’s a great “chill out” sort of game where you can just tool around and do things;  there’s always stuff to do, there’s never any severe time pressure, and you always feel like you’re making progress toward some eventual goal without ever getting overly stressed out over anything in particular.

Of course, that sort of game style doesn’t appeal to everyone, but on some days it’s exactly what I need.  It’s simple, relatively mindless fun, and the synchronisation between the music and your actions is fantastic.

But I’m afraid that I have to deduct points for the instruction manual.