Game in a Week #4 begins

Going to be a very quick post, today.

Nobody’s going to believe this quote, but it’s true. The book is “Twisty Little Passages,” by Nick Montfort (hardback), the randomly selected page is 170, and the first complete sentence on the page is: “In the first room of Mystery House, seven people are initially seen.”

The quote is so perfect for the murder mystery game I’ve been contemplating, that I’d feel silly not to use it for this. But I don’t know whether I actually have enough time to implement such a large project in just a week. Maybe I need to simplify it for the GiaW, and perhaps use a static mansion layout or something.

Or maybe I’ll just make a game about “people”, or the number seven. But that’d feel like wimping out. Anyhow, GiaW4 starts tomorrow! :)