Has anybody else noticed that both games I designed under crunch conditions (Petition Damsel and Muncher’s Labyrinth) have an invulnerable player and a time limit? I wonder what that says about me..

If you want to be technical, then Starshot also has no lives and a time limit. And while Asteroids does have traditional limited lives, I can’t really claim to have designed that one. :)

So it’s self-challenge time: The next time I do a “Game in a Week” (maybe next week?), I’m not going to allow myself to design in a time limit. That probably means that either I’ll have a traditional “limited lives” concept, or there will be no enforced “end” to the game, depending on what the game turns out to be. But I want to keep myself from getting stuck in the “the game arbitrarily ends after five minutes” rut.