Time for a late lunch

Plenty more Munchers stuff has gone in in the last four hours.

Most notably, there is now music, sound, a game over sequence (it’s kind of weak, but it’s there, and it’s a whole lot less abrupt and confusing than the one from Damsel), and a whole bunch of tweaks to gameplay, including an adaptive difficulty level that makes the game more difficult when you’re doing better at it.

There are also a number of engine improvements under the hood, including a very basic implementation of visibility culling, so we’re not wasting time and effort rendering things that aren’t anywhere onscreen. (And yes, that was actually causing problems for me)I estimate that I probably have another two or three hours of work left to do before I’ll be calling this done. But right now, it’s time for a break. And food. :)

Stuff left to do after my break: Improve two sprites. Improve the ‘Game Over’ sequence a little. Play all the way through the game one last time, to verify that the adaptive difficulty levels are vaguely reasonable.