Game in a Week #2 begins

CowWell, I’ve had a week of vacation, and suddenly I’m feeling the pressure to do another “Game in a Week”. Like last time, I’m selecting the topic immediately before going to bed (early night tonight!), and will finish by midnight on Sunday.

Today’s book is “Which Lie Did I Tell: More Adventures in the Screen Trade”, by William Goldman. It’s a paperback edition published by Vintage Books in 2001. A friend loaned me his copy of this book and I enjoyed it so much that I bought my own copy — this one — solely so that I could loan it out to other friends. But it’s not out on loan right now, and I randomly opened the book to page 324, where the first sentence completely on the page is:

Still just a bunch of munchers.

(It’s actually part of a ‘CUT TO’ direction in an example screenplay fragment, and is referring to a herd of cows which aren’t actually doing much of anything)

Initial reaction is that it’s suggesting a Pac-Man sort of game. But that’s probably too obvious, and somebody’s already made Pac-Man. Maybe I can take the context of the quote and do something about cows. Or even focus on the word “bunch”, and do something involving a flock or swarm of something. Or maybe all of the above.

In any case, I’ll start on a real design tomorrow after work. :)