Game in a Week, Day 1

So it’s been a good day. I got to play with fun things at work, and I’ve had plenty of time to think about the design for the game which I’m now calling “Beauteous damsel, your petition is ill-timed”.

I quickly found that ‘petition’ was the most compelling word for me, as it generated the most game design ideas in the back of my head. These ranged from trying to sneak up and get people to sign your petition (could be vaguely stealthish), trying to avoid people who wanted you to sign their petitions (could be like the old game ‘Daleks’), could be a turn-based political game about swaying policy decisions, etc. But I’ve come up with something else, which I’m going to leave as a surprise for the final release, just six days from now.

So I now have a vague game design. The big issues left for me are the details of the game’s design, and whether I’ll be able to create the game I want using VectorStorm, or whether I’ll need raster graphics, and so will need to resurrect my old GemStorm engine. That’s my goal for tomorrow: Work out game design details, and figure out whether the game can be done with vector graphics. It’d be heaps easier if I can just use VectorStorm, but.. I’m not certain. Vector graphics tend to be appropriate for space games and other futuristic things.. I just don’t know whether they’d work for something that’s based on passing around a piece of paper.

Anyway, that’s tomorrow’s job. For today, it’s mission accomplished!