First/Worst Post

As many have commented long before me, a blog’s first post is generally the worst one it will ever receive. It typically explains the purpose of the blog (which any reader visiting the site already knew), says a few bits and pieces about the author, enthuses about how frequent updates will be, and then closes off with an apologetic comment about the blog possibly never taking off.

So here we go.

VectorStorm is a 2D game engine I have been writing, designed to create vector graphic games. My plan with VectorStorm is to use it to create quick and novel gameplay prototypes, in the vein of the Experimental Gameplay Project. VectorStorm’s current development is being driven by filling out the common requirements of a few small games, which I’m developing at the same time as the engine itself.

I’ll be keeping relatively up to date builds of the core VectorStorm engine and games available for download, so people can watch the progress. For any programmers out there, the full source code for all of the above is and will continue to also be available under the terms of the GPLv3, so feel free to grab it, learn from it, and even build your own GPLv3 software on top of it.

My current goal is to produce a new game once a month, obeying the “must be created in seven days” limit imposed by the Experimental Gameplay Project, which I’ll generally be doing during the first week of each month (but will be doing in the second week this month, since I’ve missed the first week already).

Now that I’ve said all that, I’d probably better stop writing; only two days left until I need to start on the first experimental game idea, and there are a few minor upgrades I’d like to make to the core engine before then!